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'Astrology for Homeopaths' explores the fascinating connections between astrology and homeopathy. In this course you will gain a sound understanding of astrology and most importantly you will learn practical tools to take this knowledge into your homeopathic practice.


Pre-recorded video lectures, plus weekly live sessions with self-reflection exercises.  


You will learn through immersing yourself in your own chart.       

Course numbers are limited.

Astrology For Homeopaths Course

  • "From the moment I started my astrological studies, I was struck by the synergies between these profound healing modalities. They share much of the same language. Through my work with many hundreds of clients, I realised the deep value in having basic astrological understanding to support your work with clients. This course is the result of synthesising my learning into a single course that will introduce you to these concepts and allow you to integrate these into your work" Liz

  • Live sessions 7 - 9 pm UK time Thursday evenings beginning 6th March 2025

    • - Elements and Modalities
    • The Zodiac Wheel
    • Working with the Sun and Moon
    • Working with Planetary Archetypes
    •  Houses and Rising Sign Q&A
    • Nodes in astrology in practice
    • Working with Transits in clients charts
    • Introduction to medical astrology Q&A

    Access to online materials from 6th February 2024

    Allow 1- 2 hours per week to watch the pre-recorded lectures.

    All live sessions are recorded.

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