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What is Astrology?

Astrology can help you to know, understand, accept & love your Self. Your birth chart provides valuable information about who you really are. It can define your true potential, helping you recognise all that you are capable of. Your birth chart provides valuable insights about yourself. Your innate gifts and talents, things that work well and easily for you. And also, things that challenge or hold you back, and the keys to making these work better for you. So, you can be the very best version of YOU!

The position of the planets at the time of your birth are unique to you. One way to think of this is as a canvas and a set of paints/brushes you have; learning how to best use these will enable you to create the best painting you can. Having a deeper understanding of your own innate strengths and challenges allows you to be the co-creator of the best possible you!!  


Busting the Myths

I am a Pisces (Your Sun Sign)……

Astrology symbol of Pisces

This is the astrology we see in the newspapers – based on the 12 zodiac Sun Signs that we were born under. That would divide all of us into 12 groups! That is only a small part of a much larger picture. Just as important are your Rising Sign (Ascendant – where the Sun was rising at your birth), and the position of the Moon when you were born. As you work through your chart you will reveal different layers of relationships between planets, signs, and houses (the area of your life that it affects), and aspects between these. These build a complex and unique astrological blueprint for you.

Even if you only take the basic positions of Sun/Moon/Rising you go from 12 to thousands of possibilities - and that is before you look at the other planets!   

My star sign never resonated with me, why should I get reading?

Your “star” sign (Sun Sign) is based on the Zodiac sign the sun was in at the time you were born. The position of every planet in the sky at the time you were born all play a part in the story of who you are. The Moon, your Ascendant, and the other inner planets all play big parts in making up who you are. 

People who have planets on their key anchor points of the Ascendant or Midheaven are often strongly affected by the characteristics of that planet more than their "star" sign.

Astrology symbol of the Moon

My friend has the same birthday as me – are we the same?

Astrology symbol of Gemini

No!  Even if you are born the same year your charts will have significant differences.  The exact time and place of your birth will change your chart compared to someone born on the same day as you. Even twins born minutes apart can have different Rising Signs/Midheaven points (anchor points in our charts), and some planets may be placed in different houses.

I was born via planned C-Section, does that mean my chart is less powerful?

Your Soul chose exactly when to incarnate, regardless of whether you were early, late, planned, or spontaneous birth.  

Astrology symbol of Aquarius

It’s all mapped out…

Astrology symbol of Jupiter

Each set of planetary combinations has a number of different ‘expressions’ – how it might play out in your life. So, it is important that this is a two-way process to get the most out of reading a chart. I will ask you questions about your family, your childhood, your relationships, your work, and your dreams and aspirations.    This will help me to understand how things in your chart are manifesting  and help guide you to the most positive outcomes. Think of your chart as a map – blueprint for your life. It will help you to understand why you have excelled at some things and struggled with others, why you relate to others in the way you do, how you learn and process information etc. Having this awareness, you can learn to work with the strengths and accept the challenges.  A good analogy is to think of a canvas and a set of paints, with greater awareness you are able to be the co-creator of the best possible picture.

"A physican without a knowledge of astrology
has no right to call himself a physician."



‘Predictive’ astrology is NOT fate! ….

It isn’t ‘predicting’ anything – think of it more like a cosmic weather forecast. We can use it to navigate the seas of our lives, just as you would use the stars in the sky if you were sailing. What are the most important themes at the moment?    Looking at planetary transits we can see how the planets in the sky today relate to that blueprint of our chart at birth. When you are making choices in challenging transitory times empowers you to make wise choices. You wouldn’t go out in the rain without a waterproof and umbrella!

Astrology symbol of Neptune
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