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Liz is bringing a real gift to the world and whilst I feel like she has a natural aptitude for it, I know there is a lot of study and enthusiasm for learning more behind the scenes too. Her delivery is quite remarkable and whilst I feel like I’ve seen some great astrologers before, I feel like nothing has come close to the depth and breadth I’ve experienced whilst working with Liz.


I feel like I walk taller after our sessions, breathe deeper and inhabit my space in a more embodied way. I feel I’ve gained a greater understanding of myself and what my mission feels to be here on earth. I find an internal peace, a quiet knowing space and that in itself is valuable. I have a profound gratitude for the work we’ve done together and highly rate my astrological sessions with Liz.

E.C  - UK

Liz has the exceptional ability to take the basics of your astrology chart and intuitively and skillfully ask open-ended questions about your life experience, your health and your future potential dreams. A true guide on any personal quest to ‘know thyself’.


For two years now, my journey has been seeking discernment about ‘who I am’ and ‘what is my purpose for being here at this time in history’ and ‘where am I headed’. Consulting with Liz has illuminated possibilities for me that were hidden, buried treasure as it were. She helped me appreciate and see my life in new ways.


That Liz is a homoeopath and an astrologer is a considerable combination for healing potential. Gentle, enthusiastic, passionate, knowledgeable and above all, kind and compassionate.  Thank you Liz. You are/were the right person at the right time to help me move forward with my life.

D.P. Canada

Liz, thank you so much for spending such a lot of time studying and analysing my chart, it was a lovely, fascinating thing and I would recommend this to anyone. It's not often that we make time to step back and think about our potential, our difficulties, what it is we really would like to do, and our priorities. It's only too easy for any thought of a path in life to become drowned out by the minutiae of everyday concerns. For me at 47 years old, there is a whisper growing louder in my ear which says 'what is it you need to do in this world, whilst you are able to?'

Thank you so much for doing my astrology chart and explaining it all in such a clear way,
I learned such a lot.   


"Liz I wanted to thank you for our astrology session.

I’ve had my chart interpreted a few times over the years but for some reason this one leaves me with more. Because you went further, into the ‘mechanism’ of how my playing a conscious part can pan out in chart terms, and explained this in a few different ways I have a few simple practical golden keys to the whole thing and a confidence about it.

Special. Really grateful,


  You have illuminated for me a WONDER-FILLED path to awakening, a path sheltered by your multi-dimensional knowledge of astrology and especially your many years of working with hungry souls. I brought you a starving one!!  You bring excitement, wisdom and comforting validation to this journey that we all are on.  I am infinitely appreciative to you on so many dimensions….not only for me, but for SO many others— you will touch their eyelids with an awakening… A.L  USA

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