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My Story

I have had a lifelong fascination with astrology.  I have worked in health and healing for over 20 years ago first as a Certified Bach Flower Practitioner  and then as a qualified Homoeopath.  Coming to astrology with a strong background in healing has shaped my journey and my approach to astrology.

Time and again I see the powerful insights that clients get from having a greater understanding of the gifts in their charts.  I look for the 'medicine' in the chart - the keys to unlock your potential and give you tools to overcome challenges.

Please join me on a journey of self discovery to co-create the very best version of YOU!

My Approach

In 2019 I began my formal astrological studies both online and with Astrology for Life.  I love learning and deepening my knowledge and ongoing CPD is important for me and a cornerstone of how I work. 

I am a graduate of the Astro Butterfly Wings PRO programme and have completed training with the Astrology University, the Dwarf Planet University and the Kairos School of Astrology.

I love the synergies between homoeopathic philosophy and astrology. It has been like the missing piece of a jigsaw for me, that brings together all my years of learning and experience into a whole. 

When I work with clients I look at their charts ‘homoeopathically’ which brings a unique way of ‘joining the dots’.  


Homoeopathy and Me

My love of natural healing started when I became a mother 30 years ago. I started using homoeopathy with all 3 of my children and it has become part of my life ever since. First I completed a Bach Flower Essence course, and went on to study homeopathy in 2004, gaining my Homoeopathy Diploma from the School of Homoeopathy.


For the past 18 years I have had the privilege and pleasure to work for Jeremy and Camilla Sherr, internationally renowned homoeopaths. You can read more about the work here:

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